Manuel Noguera Rare Original Hand Signed Mixed Media Collage On Canvas


Manuel Noguera Rare Original Hand Signed Mixed Media Collage On Canvas

Hand Signed by the Artist.

This is an exceptional investment opportunity to acquire an extraordinary and rare Noguera original work of art.

Amazing collage worked onto canvas frame, the actual artwork measures approximately 76 x 102cm (30 x 40in).

This imposing work is hand signed, it is in excellent condition.

It is an ORIGINAL WORK and NOT a lithograph or print of any kind. It is certainly a magnificent and arresting piece. Private collection UK.

To sum up: A truly terrific rare and important ORIGINAL COLLAGE. The compositional skills of the artist are wonderfully exemplified in the subject itself; bizarre colours and depths contrive to make a wonderful and striking composition.

Price On Application.

Manuel Noguera

Born in La Linea De La Concepcion, Cadiz, Spain. Having studied in Spain, Manuel Noguera moved to London in 1994 to further his work and went on to study at both the London Institute and Chelsea School of Art & Design. With a strong colour sense of Velazquez, the Spanish Artist Noguera brings the artistic heritage of his native country into his paintings.
He has been influenced heavily by the movement and the theatricality of flamenco dancing. Noguera clearly defines his emotions with his earthly tones and brush strokes, tapping into the dark spaces of the subconscious. The most inaccessible feelings come into being, at times partly hidden, just beneath the surface, radiating with intriguing possibilities.
Noguera finds a unique way to enter this visual world, where colours blend, light and darkness confront one another, surface and depth work together to create spectacular works of art that are open to almost infinite number of interpretations.
Not surprisingly, intuition plays a large part in both the creating process and the end result of Noguera’s work, for one cannot view it without being aware of the freedom of expression, random movements and the sense of liberation living in these paintings. The passionate, bold brush strokes, and the unique usage of materials and canvases, give birth to rich and colourful imagery with unexpected associations for the whole spectrum of life: doubts and perhaps even fears, but also hopes.


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