Kurt Schwitters Rare Original Hand Signed Mixed Media Collage On Board 1


Kurt Schwitters Rare Original Hand Signed Mixed Media Collage On Board.

This is an exceptional investment opportunity to acquire an extraordinary and rare Schwitters original work of art.

Amazing collage worked onto heavy card, the actual artwork measures approximately 32 x 43cm (12.6 x 16.9 in).

Excellent condition with some age-related wear. This rare collage would benefit greatly by being suitably framed.

It is an ORIGINAL WORK and NOT a lithograph or print of any kind. It is certainly a magnificent and arresting piece. Private collection UK.

To sum up: A truly terrific rare and important ORIGINAL COLLAGE. The compositional skills of the artist are wonderfully exemplified in the subject itself; bizarre colours and depths contrive to make a wonderful and striking composition.

Price On Application.


Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948

German painter, sculptor, typographer and writer. Born in Hanover. Studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Hanover 1908-9 and at Dresden Academy 1909-14. Influenced by Expressionism and Cubism 1917-18. In 1918 created his own form of Dada in Hanover called ‘Merz’, using rubbish materials such as labels, bus tickets and bits of broken wood in his collages and constructions. Friendship with Arp, Hausmann and van Doesburg. Published the first edition of Anna Blume (a collection of poems and prose pieces) in 1919 and the magazine Merz 1923-32. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Der Sturm, Berlin, 1920. Began in 1923 to build fantastic Merz constructions in his house in Hanover (the first ‘Merzbau’). Spent the summers in Norway from 1931 and emigrated in 1937 to Lysaker near Oslo. Fled to England in 1940, spent seventeen months in internment camps, then lived 1941-5 in London. Moved in 1945 to Ambleside in the Lake District. In the last months of his life, he began a further Merz construction in an old barn at Langdale. Died at Kendal.



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