Jean Michel Basquiat Original Oil Painting Signed Postcard.


Jean-Michel Basquiat Original Oil/Mixed Media Painting Postcard.

Green Crown.

Signed by the artist.
This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire an extraordinary and rare original work of art.
The artwork measures approximately 18cm x 13cm (7 x 6in) on card panel. It is in excellent condition. 

It is an original work. 
Private collection UK.

Price On Application.

In his short life, Jean-Michel Basquiat was a pop icon, cultural figure, graffiti artist, musician, and neo-expressionist painter. He was a precocious child, and by the age of four he could both read and write. By the time he was eleven, he was fluent in English, French, and Spanish. And by the time was fifteen, he ran away from home, living for less than a week in Washington Square Park, after which he was arrested and sent back home to live with his father. He dropped out of school in tenth grade, after which his father kicked him out of the house, leaving the young artist to live with friends, supporting himself by selling T-shirts and homemade postcards. 


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