Hugo Scheiber Original Rare Oil Painting Hand Signed Vintage


Hugo Scheiber Original Rare Oil Painting Hand Signed Vintage

This is an exceptional investment opportunity to acquire an extraordinary and rare original work of art.

Oil onto heavy stock paper. The artwork measures approximately 50cm x 60cm (19.6 x 23.6in). Signed by the artist lower right.

The work is in need of some restoration..

It is an ORIGINAL WORK and NOT a lithograph or print of any kind. It is certainly a stunning  and interestingly different piece.

A rare opportunity to acquire a truly terrific ORIGINAL Scheiber. Private collection UK.

Price On Application.

Hugo Scheiber was born in Budapest in 1873. When he was 8 years old, he moved with his family from Budapest to Vienna, where he worked with his father painting sign boards in Vienna’s largest fair. In 1898 he and his family moved back to Budapest, where he started learning in the evenings painting in the commercial art school. In the mornings he worked in order to help provide for the family. In 1990 he finished his studies. Schreiber showed interest in Expressionism and Futurism. In 1915 he met Marinetti who invited him to join the Futurism movement. His Expressionist and Futurist paintings contradicted the academic painting style that was common in Hungary at the time, and for that reason his paintings were ignored. In 1919 Scheiber and his friend Bela Kadar curated an exhibition in Vienna and this exhibition was so successful that even the Museum of Budapest purchased two of his paintings. In 1920, Scheiber returned to Vienna. The turning point in his career was in 1921, when Haworth Walden started showing interest in Scheiber’s paintings. Haworth Walden was the founder of the Avant-Gard gallery “Storm”. From the moment Walden paid attention to Scheiber, his paintings were presented permanently in magazine and following that Scheiber started presenting exhibitions in London, Rome, Bolivia, and New York. Strong colors, spontaneous brush strokes and portraits of women characterized his works. The Cabaret life has an important role in the European Avant-garde as well as in his works. Scheiber’s focus in the Café life was well visible in several of his works which displayed dancers, singer, actors and musicians.




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