Guillaume Corneille Silk Screen Unopened Wine Bottle Glasses Hand Signed Vintage

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Very rare Corneille Silk screen wine bottle and three glasses- signed in the screen. Superb, striking colours and design.

Early 21st Century

Bottle Vino Spumante Brut Gran Cuvée Corneille 0.75cl 11% with print by Corneille and three Corneille decorated Champagne Glasses, 2x with bird, 1x with a cat.

The bottle of Gran Cuvée Brut Vino Spumanta Corneille 0.75L – 11% is unopened.  The glasses with a height of 190mm, all unused condition

The total bottle including top stands approx 31cm (12in) high, the base has a diameter of approx 9cm (3.5). This lot includes an empty Corneille bottle.

A very unusual and unique work of art.

Excellent overall condition.


Corneille, (Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo) Belgian, (1922 – 2010)

Belgian-born Dutch master painter, printmaker, ceramicist and writer. Born Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo to Dutch parents on July 3, 1922, in Liège, Belgium, Corneille was influenced by Miró, Picasso and Paul Klee but claimed the most profound connection to van Gogh because of their shared passion for colour, form and nature. 





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