Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Original Graphite Rare Hand Signed Vintage Nudes


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Original Graphite/Crayon drawing. Nude Male/Female.

Striking piece; graphite onto medium white stock.

Excellent condition, some age related wear/creasing. Hand signed by the artist lower centre.

34cm x 47cm (13.3 x 18.5in).

Private Art Collection UK.

Price On Application.


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner(1880-1938)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was a driving force in the Die Brücke group that flourished in Dresden and Berlin before World War I, and he has come to be seen as one of the most talented and influential of Germany’s Expressionists. Motivated by the same anxieties that gripped the movement as a whole – fears about humanity’s place in the modern world, its lost feelings of spirituality and authenticity – Kirchner had conflicting attitudes to the past and present. An admirer of Albrecht Dürer, he revived the old art of woodblock printing, and saw himself in the German tradition, yet he rejected academic styles and was inspired by the modern city. After the war, illness drove him to settle in Davos, Switzerland, where he painted many landscapes, and, ultimately, he found himself ostracized from mainstream German art. When the Nazis rose to power in the early 1930s he was also a victim of their campaign against “Degenerate Art.” Depressed and ill, he eventually committed suicide.



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