Claude Bazilier Original Oil Rare Hand Signed Vintage Marionettes


 Claude Bazilier Original Oil Rare Signed Vintage Abstract.

Vibrantly coloured rare oil on heavy white card. Accompanied by two wooden hand painted figures

Excellent condition; some age-related wear. 45cm x 63cm (17.7 x 24.8in); a superb piece.

Signed by the artist.

Private Art Collection UK.

Claude Bazilier, despite his 81 years, seemed eternally young. He freely chose to leave, united in death with his wife as they were in life.
“As a child, he dreamed of becoming an Indian. He finally borrowed from Rimbaud’s red-skins their colored posts and Gauguin, his audacity and the serene beauty of women. “ This is how Astrid Florian characterized Claude Bazilier, an artist who devoted a large part of his life to making puppets and totems.
Claude Bazilier loved life and friendship. He was a man of culture, faithful to his ideas. He and Andree, his wife, adopted La Creuse in 1992. In his early years he had set up a puppet company and then directed the Center culturel de Villiers-sur-Marne for nine years. The couple soon felt in symbiosis with the Millevaches plateau where it organized exhibitions. It attracted tourists outside the marked paths. And then the age had caught up with Claude, born in 1928. Then, he and Andrée sold their house to settle in Aubusson.
Like Claire and Roger Quilliot
A new life began with other exhibitions, with sculptures shaped in the wood. He seized as ever the canvas of potato bags to paint them. Claude and Andrée Bazilier liked to welcome visitors in their studio, next to the house. It was there that the day before yesterday morning, the firemen of Aubusson found them, after two ropes.
The couple, united even to death, had chosen to leave together. Claude had no doubt tired of fighting the disease. This summer he had exhibited with his friends at Moutier d’Ahun. Claude and Andrée Bazilier had joined the association Right to die in dignity. Like Claire and Roger Quilliot a few years ago, they had taken the time to prepare their big start, to settle every detail, to leave letters.
They left under the gaze of the puppet-totems, full of life and colors, a reflection of a raw art in quest simply of happiness.


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