Carlo Levi Rare Landscape Watercolour Painting On Card Hand Signed

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This is an exceptional investment opportunity to acquire an extraordinary and rare Levi work of art.

Watercolour onto heavy card, the painting measures approx: 16cm x 20cm (6 x 8in).

This is a rare and unique example. The subject matter is that of a landscape with trees.

Please note: This is an ORIGINAL work of art is hand signed by the artist lower right.


Dr. Carlo Levi (November 29, 1902 – January 4, 1975: Carlo Levi was born in Turin into an upper middle-class family. His mother was the sister of Claudio Treves, one of the leaders of the Italian Socialist Party. After studying medicine at the University of Turin he became a  practising  physician. During his earliest formative years, Levi came into contact with socialist ideology. From 1922 he began to contribute to Pietro Gobetti’s review La Rivoluzione Liberale, a bastion of intransigent antifascism, which was closed in 1925 on the orders of Mussolini. After abandoning his medical career, Levi devoted himself  to painting and politics. In 1930 Levi joined the social reform movement ‘Giustizia e Libertà.’ Its other members included Carlo Rosselli and Primo Levi. 


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