Carle Vernet Rare Signed Original Pen and Ink Horseman Drawing Vintage

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Carle Vernet Drawing In Pen and Ink.

Hand Signed By The Artist.

This is an exceptional investment opportunity to acquire an extraordinary and rare Vernet original drawing.

Drawing of a Cossack on horseback in black pen and ink onto matte heavy card with some writing to the verso, the artwork measures approximately 21cm x 17cm.

The drawing is hand-signed in ink. The ink work is stunning and the lines are defined beautifully. It is an ORIGINAL PAINTED/INKED WORK and NOT a lithograph or print of any kind. It is certainly a stunning and arresting piece.

The drawing is in VERY GOOD CONDITION with some handling wear, slight foxing and some uneven edges – these blemishes however do not detract from the overall presentation of the subject matter which would benefit enormously from being suitably framed.

To sum up: A truly terrific ORIGINAL DRAWING. The compositional skills of the artist are wonderfully exemplified in the subject itself with terrific pen strokes that combine to make a fantastic, museum standard, work of art.


Carle Vernet  

b. 1758 Bordeaux, France, d. 1836 Paris
French draftsman; painter


In addition to being a painter and lithographer, Carle Vernet was an avid horseman. Just days before his death at the age of seventy-eight, he was seen racing as if he were a sprightly young man. In his own time, Vernet was known primarily as an exceptional painter of horses in full movement–either racing, hunting or in cavalry portraits. Vernet received a conventional artistic education from his father, Claude-Joseph Vernet, as well as from a very successful history and genre painter. In 1782 he won the highly coveted Prix de Rome, and in 1808 Napoleon awarded him the Legion of Honor for one of his battle scenes. Although his sister was guillotined for concealing letters to members of the aristocracy, Vernet’s work does not reflect tragedy. Instead, he concentrated much of his efforts on creating acute observations of daily life. This is especially true of his work after 1816, when he produced engravings of street vendors, horse markets, and dandies. Today Vernet is recognized more for his witty, satirical engravings than for his paintings. He is also frequently thought of in association with his son Horace, whose painting talents he fostered and who became even more famous than his father.


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