Payment Plans

Payment Plans for Eagle Fine Art

A payment plan is similar to a “Layaway” Plan. Instalments are paid on the art reserved; the item is kept off-sale by Eagle Fine Art until it is fully paid for. In other words, when your payment plan is approved, we will remove the art from sale and reserve it for you. We do not ship the artwork until it is paid for in full.


You pay no interest when you purchase your art via a Payment Plan. You set up your own customised payment plan via e-mail, where you choose the payment amounts and the duration of the plan (up to 12 months).


Electronic bank transfer is our preferred method.

You can also choose to set up your payment plan via PayPal or by sending monthly payments by cheque. If you choose to pay via PayPal, you’ll receive monthly invoices with a link to send us a payment for the amount due that month. You can also have PayPal generate an eCheck using your bank account information. Finally there’s the good old-fashioned cheque, where you send your payments via regular mail each month to us.


Each month, after your payment is processed, Eagle Fine Art will e-mail you a statement showing how much you’ve already paid, and the balance due, so you will always know the status of your Payment Plan.


The Payment Plan you agree to is a contract, but it’s a flexible contract. You can always make larger payments to get your artwork sooner, or, if you run into unexpected circumstances, we can change your payment plan structure (smaller payments for a couple of months for instance) however the artwork must be paid in full within 12 months of the start of the contract.

We can accommodate most requests. Our goal is to make sure you get the art you want! Please contact us if you ever need to change the terms of your payment plan.

(See “Non-payment and Failure to Communicate” below).


If you have initiated a payment plan and for some reason, after having made one or more payments, wish to cancel the payment plan and receive a refund on payments already made, you may do so, with the following conditions:

Please notify us immediately so that we can place the art back on sale.

A fee of 10 percent (10%) of the total price of the artwork will be payable for our having kept the art off the market for that period of time.


If you can’t make a monthly payment, you must contact us as quickly as possible. If we do not receive payment, and we do not hear from you, we will make every effort to contact you to resolve the situation. But if we receive no payment or communication from you for 60 consecutive days, the payment plan will be terminated. The reserved artwork will be relisted and any payments made will be non-returnable.

Contact us for further details:

  • Edward Burra
    Edward Burra
    Oil On Canvas
  • Lovis Corinth
    Lovis Corinth
    Framed Oil
  • John Singer Sargent
    John Singer Sargent
    Framed Watercolour
  • Fred Yates
    Fred Yates
  • Edward Seago
    Edward Seago
  • James Ensor
    James Ensor
    Framed Watercolour
  • Joseph Henderson
    Joseph Henderson
    Framed Oil On Canvas
  • LS Lowry
    LS Lowry
    Framed Oil
  • Bernard Buffet
    Bernard Buffet
    Framed Oil
  • Irma Stern
    Irma Stern
    Oil On Card
  • Kurt Schwitters
    Kurt Schwitters
    Collage On Board
  • Samual Peploe
    Samual Peploe
    Framed Oil
  • Fernand Leger
    Fernand Leger
    Oil On Card
  • John Bratby
    John Bratby
    Oil On Card
  • Picasso
    Original Framed Graphite
  • Marguerite Zorach
    Marguerite Zorach
    Framed Oil On Board